Two To Go


Dress rehearsal #1! Typical. Still bugs, cast members losing their voice (Daughter Anna needs to gargle), technical difficulties, and other mishaps. Anyone involved in community theatre surely has any number of dress rehearsal nightmares. Happily, I have encountered worse so I knew exactly what to expect. One of the big problems tonight was the sound crew. Apparently, their script was not marked well with cues and such so large spaces in which nothing was heard by the actors on stage. However, IF we had done a full run through yesterday… but that is hindsight and we can only look forward. Lots of improvement continues and lots of positives from the director who actually wants MORE from Grandpa. In fact, some of the cast has mentioned that there has been a bit of typecasting in the role. I cannot understand that AT ALL! More to come.

4 thoughts on “Two To Go”

  1. Typecasting? Is Grandpa a little over the top? Inquiring minds want to know. 😉 There is some typecasting in our show too… I couldn’t tell you who though.

  2. Could be, j. You will just have to wait until after the run to find out to avoid possible spoilers for those who plan to and are able to attend.

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