Limping along


For the past week I’ve been limping along on my sore foot. Silly injury caused by yours truly. I’m still hoping that this makes me a bit more careful while doing household chores, but only time will tell.

I had play rehearsal tonight and I limped my way through the paces. I desperately need to get the script out of my hands. Time is moving quickly, and the show will be here before I can blink twice.

It does have the makings of a very good show. I’m looking forward to having an audience. It has been a while since I’ve felt that way about a show I’ve been in.

In other areas, things have been changing. Life is getting interesting. I do believe I like the changes. It should be fun.

And one other different thing this September, the Tigers are doing very well. Right now they look to be playoff bound. I’m looking forward to it.

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