At Least The Party Was A Success


This afternoon, the family made the @ 2 hour trek to our cousin’s home in Huron… not a “fur piece” from the Amazement Park.. in fact once we exited, we had the choice of turning left to go to DRM’s  or right to go to the Point.  This time, the left turn (at Albuquerque) won out. 😉 I had never been to the house before as I seem to have been involved in one production or another when the birthdays arose.  For some reason, I am not involved in any shows so I was really excited to make the trip!  I must say that it is a very nice place.  Next time when there is not so much craziness, I will ask for the guided tour.

As usual, fun was had with some gentle ribbing among some and catching up with relatives and a friend I rarely get to see.  Almost 20 years since Annie!  WHAAAATTT??!!!!! Food glorious food.  An abundance of pizza, ICE CREAM CAKE (one of the greatest inventions ever), and more.  Something unusual in the festivities… a pinata in which you pull streamers instead of hitting the object with a stitch.  Did someone see the youtube video of my brother attempting to hit Spongebob?  Needless to say that the pulling of the streamers was a bit anticlimactic.

I must say that the 4 year old birthday girl made out like a bandit:  Princess paraphernalia, My Little Pony (everything old is new again), the obligatory clothing, and a bicycle.  FUN TIMES!

While the merriment of celebration continued, the highlight of the evening turned out to be a lowlight.  The Buckeyes played (if you want to call it that) abysmally.  Listening to it on the way home on the radio was bad enough, I would have hated to watch it. I read on my Nook most of the way (I was a passenger in the car not the driver).

Next summer, I think a trip to the park will be LONG overdue!  I’ve been to the Island since I have been to the Point!

3 thoughts on “At Least The Party Was A Success”

  1. I had heard that that OH State game was not very fun to watch for fans… I was wondering why the person who posted about it on FB seemed so grumpy, but now it’s making more sense.
    Birthday party fun and catching up with family and friends sounds so fun, especially if you had been missing out on such celebrations in the past. I hope you find yourself continuing to be able to celebrate such wonderful moments!

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