Light at the end of the tunnel


There usually is a point during show rehearsals when the cast and directors know they have a show. Sometimes that point doesn’t come until the last dress rehearsal, and there are times it never comes. The show I’m in now had that point twice. Because of our extensive scene changes (they are getting better, and we got more help), we split the show into two nights to work on both acts. Both acts came together this week.

On Sunday, I wasn’t sure if the show was going to be there. There was a problem or two that just had things feeling wrong. The hows and the whys are unimportant, but that was a bad feeling for the show. I’m glad things came together this week. Since our show starts in a little over a week, it is nice to feel good about the whole thing.

I’m actually looking forward to our double tech Sunday. For those not in the know, it is the day we work out most of the last kinks. Technical kinks, wardrobe kinks, and even the acting kinks. We run through the complete show twice. It makes for a very long day, but when the show is going well, it goes by quickly.

First audience will be Wednesday (some school kids I think), and Opening next week Friday. All signs are pointing to an enjoyable show. I hope some of my readers can make it to a show. Check the side bars for the link to the playhouse.

3 thoughts on “Light at the end of the tunnel”

  1. Yep… I will be there week two for one performance. Yes, I have the upcoming tech Sunday approaching. Wonder how it is done with the new group. Sure it will be as memorable as most.

  2. We see the light at the end of the tunnel. So let that water boil… goodbye to oil for at the end of the tunnel there’s a light.

  3. In a copy of a post I just left on the other J’s blog, I hope things go well for your show. The nice thing about performing for young ones is you can get away with many a mistake without them ever noticing. 😉 Then, on to the rest of the show with the first performance out of the way!

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