A Change For The World’s Greatest Detective (Not THAT One)


It began with Wonder Woman… and now the Dark Knight is going to undergo a costume change.  However, Batfans do not despair.  The change is nowhere near as dramatic as the Amazon Princesses.  I do not follow comic books closely enough to know that Bruce Wayne has “retired” in the current mythology and will be making a dramatic return in November.  I do recall the “Knightfall” saga in which he was beaten and paralyzed by the villain known as Bane.  Paralleling the Death and Return of Superman storyline, the millionaire (or is it billionaire) playboy was replaced by a new Batman until Wayne recuperated enough to reassume the cape and cowl.  AH… only in the comics!

The only MAJOR change (That I see) in the Caped Crusader’s appearance will be the return of the black bat on the yellow background emblem.  Not an Earth-shaking switch by any means.  Besides, I do believe that he does possess an array of different costumes for different purposes.

The Current Look
The New Upcoming Design

3 thoughts on “A Change For The World’s Greatest Detective (Not THAT One)”

  1. It seems like comic books would be cool to follow if you’re into them, but I don’t understand why every little change to a major character makes headline news. It just seems that in this age of the internet, comic books would be outdated – maybe that’s why they try so hard for all the press.

  2. I believe that you can now read them online… for a price, of course. Who has the time? I do have a few “special” comics: the Death and Return, of course.

  3. AND in other superhero news… Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark has an official opening night date of November 14. Glad to know that the years in pre-production are not going to be for naught. Of course, it may seem like it if all goes the way I fear, but you never know.

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