Yummy Healthy Snack


My husband and I have been enjoying this snack lately, and it’s healthy and easy to make.  You’ll need:

Apples – Type is up to you – we think Granny Smith tastes best for this.  I also tried it with Gala apples which are good, but I  don’t recommend softer varieties like Red Delicious.

Peanut Butter – We highly recommend natural peanut butter – Smucker’s makes some.  It’s a little more expensive than the standard variety like Skippy or Jif, but it contains only peanuts and a little salt – none of that other junk like hydrogenated oils, sugar, and who-knows-what-else.  The taste of real peanut butter is amazingly better than the junky kind too!

Grape Nuts Cereal

Basically, you just slice the apples, cover them with peanut butter(less if you’re watching your fat intake), and sprinkle with Grape Nuts – it’s really good!  And it’s great for a snack or light lunch for diabetics also because the protein in the peanut butter lowers blood sugar that might be elevated from the apples and cereal.  If you decide to try it, let me know what you think in the comments section!

6 thoughts on “Yummy Healthy Snack”

  1. It would be a good treat for game night, and I thought about making it for MOPs also, but the problem is, the apples begin browning and must be eaten immediately after slicing.

  2. For non-browning apples — Soak 5 to 10 minutes in orange, lemon, lime or apple juice. For the citrus, to prevent flavoring, using 1 tbls of lemon or lime juice per gallon of water. Or the off the shelf product called fruit fresh.

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