Say You, Say Me


Perhaps in an attempt to put closure on a character he introduced to millions of fans everywhere over 4 decades ago, Sean Connery has pondered the possibility of returning to the Bond franchise.  Not as the British superspy, but as a villain.  That would seem to me to be a first.  An actor who originated a role in a popular series of movies returning to that franchise as the antagonist.  The possibility is intriguing, but as the 77 year old actor stated, they probably would not be able to pay him enough to come out of retirement.  They could not do it for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, but Never Say Never Again Sir Sean.  Actually, Connery’s final outing as 007 in the rather waterlogged remake of Thunderball was not one of his finest  two hours.  NSNA has never been acknowledged as an official Bond movie and was released by Warner Brothers and not MGM/UA.

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  1. Thanks a lot J- now I have Lionel Ritchie going through my head! Seriously, watching the Connery James Bond movies has been on my to-do list for a long time. I never started until Roger Moore, which was natural I guess as he was Bond when I was in Junior High so I didn’t care about the earlier movies.

  2. I MUCH prefer the Connery classics. The Roger Moore films while still fun seemed too campy. I was introduced to the series with For Your Eyes Only which is still one of my faves. Timothy Dalton took it to the other extreme…. too dark and serious. Brosnan was a nice mix serious but at the same time knew how to have fun with it. The new one needs getting used to.

  3. I enjoyed the early Connery shows the best. But I’ve enjoyed all of the Bonds in one way or another. I’m not sure how long the latest Bond will last, that show was very dark IMO.

  4. Well…. Mr. Craig will be around for one more outing at least. I guess each generation feels the need to reinvent the franchise to fit it to the times… whatever that means. He at least will not go the way of George Lazenby and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service which is a very good movie; he just did not allow himself to become a very good Bond (or was he fired…. I never remember). And Casino Royale was very dark.

  5. And what is with the new title: The Quantum of Solace? Talk about cryptic and I thought my Blog titles kept people guessing.

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