Still alive…


…I think. Haven’t felt much like blogging lately. Tired, somewhat overworked from my car job. Last week I subbed for the first time in over a month (espaรฑol), but still did cars four of the five days. Subbed today (7th LA), still hoping for tomorrow. Sorry I haven’t been reading all of your blogs lately either- kinda’ goes with the no blogging feeling. Some friend, huh? ๐Ÿ™


Less than three days to the winter retreat!


Oh, turned off the ads, something I had been considering for awhile.ย  Didn’t earn me anything so I figured why not make a cleaner look for everyone? ๐Ÿ˜‰

[edited to make last paragraph a little less negative]

8 thoughts on “Still alive…”

  1. Oh my… could you BE more cynical? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Glad to see you blogging anyway…
    No matter how briefly.

    Don’t worry about reading other blogs – it should never be an obligation.

  2. Sorry to add to the “antipositive” but I don’t think I will make it out there this month (again) due to lack of funds. I will shoot for the end of next month now. Christmas, nephew’s birthday, and lack of income from subbing sort of did me in.

  3. Lack of funds? Glad to know I’m not alone. Welcome back… however briefly to let us know you’re alive. We can’t always be positive.

  4. Good point Jamiahsh, we can’t always be positive. But that doesn’t mean we want to make our blogs negative either… and that explains my own slow posting ๐Ÿ™
    Yes, d, have FUN at the retreat!!!

  5. Whenever I feel the need, I try to post a negative and put a positive spin on it. Sometimes it helps take away negative feeling.

  6. Derek, I’m also glad you are still counted among the living. Negative/Positive posts, I really don’t mind either. I’ve been known to go to the dark side on occasion.

  7. Thanks all. I will be sure to post about the retreat. I really should post about being a middle school LA sub for the last two days on two different floors of the same school. But probably not tonight. I should probably catch up on your blogs tonight.

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