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It seems as if the camp series was mostly a failure so I guess I will move on to other things rather than wrap it up.  I just have to think about something to write about.  Work maybe?  From what Rene was telling me, I might be coming out of training and getting the first of my own stores starting this Friday.  All I know right now is that Kim (one of the owners) wants me and another trainee from Elmhurst to do a store every Friday starting this week.  Since there are two of us doing it I didn’t make a connection to having my own store, but Rene seems to think this is it.  Hmm.  Well, a less exciting post than camp, at least to me, but who knows?

UPDATE: Well, the dealership I will be at Friday is not to be a store for me.  It will be another store for the trainee who started after me.  I guess it just works out like that because of the one who quit recently who lived in the same area.  These dealers were already being served.  I’m sure they will start picking up new stores for me soon, in my own area.

4 thoughts on “Okay then…”

  1. I know nothing about camp. I never went to camp. I really had nothing to comment on. I always associated camp with what would happen if I didn’t keep myself occupied in the summer.

    Is this the job where you take pictures of cars? I was wondering how that was going. Sounds like a fun thing to do, but I wasn’t sure of the $ payout.

  2. It’s a good job, for now. I have yet to experience the really hot days- the only week we had like that was my camp week- or the cold, snowy winters where I will have to brush off cars. Eventually I hope to have 125-150 cars/day. Apparently I will also be training some people on the camera as soon as I get around to reading the manual. Whether or not I get compensated extra for that I don’t yet know.

  3. I liked reading about camp… But then again, I am SO behind on blogging – cite the closing of the gap between Jamiahsh and I for evidence!
    I guess I’m more of a winter blogger, both for reading and writing.
    Why is the store NOT for you?

  4. He lives in Elmhurst, the store is in Elmhurst…

    Anyway, I guess I will wrap up the last two camp days in one post. Right now though I am resting. I had to work today because we had to reshoot a bunch of cars. Apparently the camera card got reformatted and we lost all of the pictures at one dealer yesterday.

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