My Stressful Job


Hmm.  In the last month I had exactly two posts about my life.  I tend to write longer posts, so I just felt I never had the time for such a post.  I’d like to say I will start writing more often with shorter posts, but knowing me if I make that commitment I will break it, so…we’ll see.  Last week was a terrible week, especially Friday.  One of the workers moved to Arizona, so we (myself and the two trainees) had to cover all his stores plus two more.  The first two days were really bad- Tuesday I had to work until 8:00 to appease an angry manager, causing me to miss rehearsal.  Friday was supposed to be a short day, then rest.  Except there was a crisis at another store.  Another photographer and I were supposed to cover for someone who had to take off for court, only he only was able to shoot two out of the dozen cars they had while the first store I was at had twenty cars (some disappeared so I didn’t actually have to shoot twenty, but what I had still took time) so I wasn’t able to make it there at all until after sunset.  The manager was furious and ready to fire us, but two of us (yep, me included) spent a few hours Saturday stickering cars.  Thankfully he didn’t want us taking photos, my guess because there were so many customers around, so it wasn’t an all-day affair.

This week, I am letting one of my trainees work two stores by herself, so that will remove most of the pressure this week.

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  1. Sounds stressful. If they would just leave you alone and let you take pictures of cars, the job would be ideal. But no!!, people have to intrude on the fun stuff.

  2. This week is okay so far. Only, I haven’t had time yet to work on helping out with the one store to get it caught up.

    @Taylhis: No, I hadn’t seem the article yet. I’m glad it was only the front and that it will only be a few weeks, but it would suck to be in the show that currently has the theatre.

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