What a way to end an afternoon…


Nice afternoon at the theater, and nice company. All was well until my drive home. Some jerk in a old white pickup decided he didn’t need to pay attention to the local road signs. Apparently the red octagonal signs mean to speed up and go faster instead of stop.

I ran through many things as I came to that intersection. I was traveling somewhere near the double nickel speed, and I had a choice of stopping very fast, or trying to get though the intersection quicker than the other guy. Funny how fast you think in those situations. I hate being in them, but I am glad that I have been blessed with a fairly quick mind.

I decided to speed up, a collision was avoided by a few feet. I’m not sure the other guy really ever saw me until I passed him on the road. And he blew his horn at me. Hmmm.

Other thoughts passed through my head during those tense moments. Time spent with family and friends. Time that I should have spent with them. Flashes of the past, thoughts for the future. Strange how fast you can think of things.

In thinking back to that event, I was wondering why I decided to speed up instead of slow down. All the years of driving experience, past Physics classes, Statistics/Probabilities all rushed to my head. A vehicle even the size of my truck does not stop on a dime. But thanks to a feisty little five cylinder, the truck accelerates just fine. I knew this, and was proven correct. (Thank goodness!!!)

I’m very glad to say that I had a wonderful afternoon. I’m glad I have the chance to enjoy more of my life.

4 thoughts on “What a way to end an afternoon…”

  1. Whew- glad to read that you’re still alive and well after that. Reminds me of a time I wasn’t so lucky. Left green arrow, I went, someone else didn’t stop for his light (in the left lane- a car was stopped in the right lane, impeding my vision of the offender) which was surely red- right into my front fender. Of course when the police came he said he had a green light, and his fly-by-night insurance company had the gall to actually say they determined I was at fault. Really? They were there to see the state of the light? Oh, right- had they been there they would have seen me moving on a green arrow. No injuries, by the way, so you know.

  2. Always too close a call if my life starts to flash before my eyes. I know I’ve been guilty of making that momentary lapse while driving, but I don’t remember it ever being on a main road. Those times, I would have (and did) call myself a jerk. Just lucky I was able to see that this guy wasn’t slowing down, and I did have a little time to react.

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