Drivin’ a Porsche


I think I spelled that right.  This job of mine allows me to drive all sorts of interesting vehicles.  Before this, I had never driven a Mercedes, BMW, ‘Vette, Mustang, or Lamborghini.  Wait, I still haven’t driven a Lamborghini.  Oh, well.  I haven’t driven a Jaguar either, but our company serves two Jaguar dealers, so you never know…  Today it was a Porsche.  It must have been a low-end Porsche because the dealer was trying to sell it, a 2002 Boxter, for just 16 grand, though they might change the price because they removed it from the windshield while I was there.  In any event, it really doesn’t matter what cars I drive since I don’t really get to drive them as they are meant to be driven.  If I were to drive them that way through their parking lot, or take them out onto the street, I would shortly be out of a job… 😉


But how about that training I mentioned?  Well, the Florida team hired someone from around here, and so he started training here.  Normal training takes several weeks, but he’s to go to Florida next week, so we’re trying to cram as much info and practice into him as we can in the few short weeks he has.  He has actually been doing a pretty good job learning.  Though it doesn’t help him to have to miss days like today due to another job, like today.  Too bad- he missed out on the Porsche…  😯


I started him off on the handheld a week ago, though another trainer gave him the rundown on it first.  I was actually the first one who he followed around, and on his first day of training I did teach him the basics of the job, but then I worked from home for the next two days so he went with someone else- the one who trained me in fact.  So back to the handheld- he did make mistakes, but surprisingly not a lot.  When he last went with me Monday, I only had to correct a couple of things.  He has really picked up on the photography too.  At this point he essentially does one of the jobs (handheld or camera), I then look over his work and let him know what he missed.  Then I do the other part.  All he is going to miss is the practice, practice, practice I went through before getting my first store.  But still, he should do well in Florida, though it is yet an emerging market so I hope he can find other work too to sustain him in the meantime.  If not, well the warm season is starting and the town is on the coast, so…

6 thoughts on “Drivin’ a Porsche”

  1. I got to drive a Porsche once. A 924 (I think — it has been a few years). I never had a car throw me back in a seat like that car did.

  2. Well, according to Wikipedia the Boxter is also known as the 986, so if bigger numbers mean faster car, then I really missed out by only being able to carefully drive it through the parking lot…

  3. Warm season in FL? Is there any other? Well, I suppose residents would beg to differ, especially this winter. I still remember the time we went there and they had really cold (for them) weather – around upper 40s, lower 50s. The locals were wearing hats, gloves, and scarves, and we Ohians were laughing at them in our spring coats.
    Glad the training is going well!!
    (here’s a thought – did you ever think that the new guy is actually the ‘big guy’ and you were helping to film an episode of Undercover Boss?)

  4. I wouldn’t mind if it was driving the car as it was meant to be or not. And yes you spelled it correctly 😉 Just being able to say that I drove a ‘Vette would be enough for me.

  5. @Taylhis- I know the ‘big guy’ so I can confidently say it wasn’t him. 🙂

    @Jamiahsh- I know two boys who would agree with you. When I was out to lunch with their family last year (the parents were leaders in the 4th/5th grade ministry) the topic of my car job came up and their eyes went wide at my getting to take pictures of all sorts of different cars. Imagine now if they knew that I actually drove a Porsche (and some ‘vettes)…

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