Fixing the mailbox


It seems like every winter I need to fix the mailbox. The force of the plowed snow seems to bend it backwards and loosen the very stone it is set in. I realize that I could have gotten one that needed a 4×4 post to set it up, but I settled for one that allowed a spike to be driven into the ground. For a couple of years it worked too. But after it got pushed back during one heavy snow fall, it was never the same.

I guess I should see if there are any new improvements to the mailbox selection. I’m not really set on getting one that needs a big post. I’ve seen too many of those not move and have the whole mailbox destroyed by the plowed snow. Hmm… This year, I think I will just get a fencepost and drive it into the ground next to my old box. I can then attach my mailbox to this new post. It may not last forever, but maybe it will last until next winter. I guess I really need to wait until the ground is completely thawed out don’t I. That is good news, one less thing I have to worry about today. 😉

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  1. I see what you’re saying – took me 5 or 6 years of living in the country before I realized (well, someone had to tell me) why people on rural roads put boards in front of their mailboxes. I had just assumed it was to keep the vandals from doing more damage during games of “mailbox baseball”.
    Have you tried using the board method?

  2. Have you tried driving it into the ground six feet back then extending the mailbox out on a long plank? If nothing else it would look really funny. :mrgreen:

  3. Wish I could, but that isn’t my land. Because of the directionality of the mail route, I have to have my mailbox on the west side of the road. I live on the east side.

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