Something Wicked This Way Comes..


Strange thing. I remember reading the Bradbury novel, and seeing the movie. But, I am now watching the movie and I can’t seem to remember it at all. Oh, I remember the basic story, but I don’t seem to remember any of the details. I remember the carnival coming to town, and of course Mr. Dark. What I’m not sure of is how different the book is from the movie. I will have to read it again.

So far the movie is very good. But now my youngest just stopped it to watch a TV show… Hmm, am I going to have to get another TV just to watch what I want? I guess not, she’ll be leaving on her own soon enough.

What I did find out is that Bradbury actually adopted his novel and wrote not only the screen play for the 1983 movie, but a stage play and radio play. The stage play was written in 2003… Wonder what the royalties on that show would be. Could it be done on a small stage? Where would the Carousel fit? I would love to play Mr Dark… Hmmm…

Maybe we could do another “Stage” version of this play.


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  1. That would be a cool play to do. I was not aware of the stage version either. It has been sometime since I have read/seen it, so I can’t comment on the differences. Hope the tv show was as good… as long as it wasn’t American Idol or something like that. I have yet to watch an episode of that this year and I am better for it.

  2. Huh. When you mentioned 2003 for the stage play I immediately thought, “was he still alive?” Now that I looked it up I found out I must have been thinking of someone else as he was and is still alive. I also learned a new film version of his Fahrenheit 451 has been “coming” since 1994. Smells like vaporware to me, to apply the term for software promised but never released.

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