Oh say it ain’t so…


I just ran across this article and was stunned. Cher as Catwoman? Maybe a few, ok quite a few years ago, but now? With plastic surgery and all she doesn’t look too bad for 62, but still, a 62 year old comic book villain/heroine? That would be quite a difference from most of the comic books stories I know about. Now if this were just an animated film, why not. I think she would have a distinct and wonderful voice for Catwoman. Oh well I guess I shouldn’t get too worked up.

But the same rumor mill has Johnny Depp as the Riddler. Now that may be an interesting casting decision.

We will see

3 thoughts on “Oh say it ain’t so…”

  1. Yes, I cold see Depp as the Riddler. Cher as Catwoman? Should just bring back Julie Newmar… they prolly are about the same age 😉

  2. From what I’ve heard/read, Julie Newmar is in her mid 70’s and has some sort of nervous system disorder that makes it very hard for her to walk. Other rumors I’ve read are pointing to Angilina Jolie as a possible Catwoman.

  3. Trying to slip one by us and get the public all riled about Cher so they don’t think about the real casting choice maybe? We can hope. AJ would undoubtedly be a better fit.

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