I Have Gas


I know what you are thinking… and no… not that kind.  This morning, I set out to complete my Halloween costume (still missing something I would have liked to add, but not essential).   Ran into some old friends/former co-workers and chatted a bit and caught up and let them know that I have not completely disappeared from the planet.

I also bought my first Christmas gift for the menagerie of people I choose to buy for.  Someone mentioned that they enjoy a certain fantasy book series so I looked for that.  Then I realized that a movie was made from the series and luckily enough I found that.  One down… several to go.

Just before I hit the city limits on my way home, I glanced at the dashboard.  The little needle was in the red zone with very little room to go.  I found the first driveway available, headed to the nearest station, and made it just as the little light came on.  PHEW!

3 thoughts on “I Have Gas”

  1. The little light should give you around 20 to 30 miles. That depends on your gas mileage and the amount that the light reflects. Usually the light turns on when there is about 2 gallons in the tank. Less if your tank is exceptionally small (8 gallon tanks usually have about 1/2 to 3/4 of a gallon left).

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