The 5th of May….


And I didn’t go to a Mexican Restaurant. Other plans (thanks C and L) prevented my normal trek to a Mexican Restaurant today. I had Greek Food. No flaming Goat Cheese, but it was very good. Not that I would have wanted to go to a Mexican place without at least one of my daughters, but in a way I missed the trek.

When plans were made, I didn’t even think that the 5th of May was in the near future. I’m not sure that would have changed anything. I really want to try the flaming Goat Cheese.

Oh the memories of dining out on Cinqo de Mayo. I don’t think we missed many. If we could not afford to go out, most of the time we celebrated at home. Why such a big deal about a Mexican-American Holiday? (not really celebrated much in Mexico) The only reason we had was it was another excuse for eating Mexican food. Not that this family ever needed an excuse. My dear wife’s favorite kind of food was Mexican (*other than chocolate), and we went to Mexican restaurants often. And it did help that the girls never really would mind another meal of Tacos.

So today I had Greek food. I was able to share the company of two very good friends. Nice evening, even without the Flaming Goat Cheese. Other than dinner with my daughters, I could not think of a better way to spend the early evening.

Ah, how things change.

I’m still wondering why we never went to Oriental Restaurants to celebrate Chinese New Years. Could it be that somewhere near the time of that date, we were almost sure to go to a Chinese restaurant? Yep, my birthday is near that day every year, and my favorite food is Chinese food (even better than Chocolate!!)

And why do I keep using the extended title of “Flaming Goat Cheese” for the dish Saganaki? Just because it is more fun to type and say. 😉

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  1. relatively speaking

    In Kansas we used to go to a restaurant called “The Tea Garden” They had wonderful Chinese food there!!! Especially a dish called “Purple Moon” I was wanting some for supper today but it’s a little bit of a drive now. 🙂

    Hope you get to try some flaming goat cheese soon!

  2. relatively speaking

    The main ingredient was eggplant. I don’t even like eggplant but this concoction was delicious. It also had some sort of seafood (don’t remember what type), onions, & sesame seeds. The sauce was slightly sweet. I’d love to have the recipe for it.

  3. Ah, now I see where the name comes from…. Ok, I’ve tried to look up recipes and couldn’t find much. Looks like the sauce is a black bean sauce (fairly common) and the oriental eggplant is stuffed with a crab/cheese? mixture of some sort and then deep fried. Sound right?

  4. I can’t believe they were out of flaming goat cheese! We could have made the trek down to the Mexican place, but the margarita special would have been hard to resist, and a margarita before teaching youth group seemed a bit inappropriate 😉 Like you said, it was good and fun nonetheless, and now we just have to reschedule for a time when they DO have saganaki – will call ahead!

  5. If it makes you feel better, I didn’t eat Mexican on the 5th either. Bowl of cereal- nope. Sandwich for lunch- uh uh. Pasta salad for dinner- strike three.

    Thanks for the info on cinco de mayo though- I never really knew what it was about. A little surprising they celebrate it more here than in Mexico, though to be fair it looks its original purpose isn’t celebrated here anyway.

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