Summer Planning


There are three shows being presented by area theatres that pique my interest.  First on the list is the Village Players little three person cast play, Miracles.  I was loaned a copy of the script and I read it twice.  It is very emotional and thought-provoking with a few moments of lightheartedness.  Definitely would be the most challenging show ever.  It does have a little singing in it for the one male character and the teenage girl.

ACT is performing Seussical in July.  I discussed this with my mentor and we both agreed that while it would definitely be fun, it would also be a cakewalk.  It has been years since I last was in an ACT’s production of Fiddler on the Roof and would like to one day return to their neck of the woods.

I have nothing really against Oklahoma! (the final show on the horizon) but it has been done so many times in HIGH SCHOOLS.  I’m sorry but I really want to challenge myself with something outside my safety zone.  But I will audition for it if neither of the other two shows pan out.  Plus, being the last show to audition for, I wouldn’t have any other choice… trying out for no show is not an option!

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  1. I know you will be awesome – I certainly will be there for whichever wherever…..Can’t wait for Easter!!!!!

  2. thanks all! @ mare: no chance of EVER burning out. Really looking forward to a show in October, too! Only one show. @Carol. I can’t wait either, 2 more weekends!

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