The Only Fella At Auditions


Does this mean I got a part? If not, I will turn in my license to act tomorrow. Truthfully, I was the only male at tryouts. That is not to say that there were not other audition dates. In fact, this was the last one and the best time for me to go.

The play is entitled You Have the Right to Remain Dead. It is billed as an audience-participatory murder mystery comedy. The director describes the play in the play as Tennessee Williams on steroids. At least two character names made me think that (Fat Daddy and Blanche or Big Daddy from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Blanche from Streetcar…has anyone seen the Simpsons’ episode in which Marge plays Blanche and Ned Flanders plays a bare-chested Stanley in a musical version).

The audition was almost too relaxed…. but NOT complaining. We sat around a table in the community room adjacent to the stage. Being 90+ degrees outside did not help to cool off the room a whole lot. However, it sure beat the alternative of walking upstairs. I was up there last winter and noticed the warmth then. So, we just sat around the table chatting a bit, going over the plot and characters for those of us who were in the dark, and read some scenes from the script. I said too relaxed because there were times that I forgot that I was actually auditioning and almost cracked myself up just reading the lines.

In attendance were the directors, another female auditioner who I knew as the costume designer from Meet Me in St. Louis, Mare (who was there to give moral support and serve as an additional line reader since she is in WCCT’s Little Shop of Horrors whenever that is going to get started), and myself. We waited for two hours for others to come, but… We were having so much fun that we just kept reading lines, changing characters, and allowing me to become acquainted with the show in general. After, we sat around the table becoming acquainted with each other.

And I should be finding out tomorrow which if any part I get and the read-through is August 24th. Perfect, I hate long waits.

2 thoughts on “The Only Fella At Auditions”

  1. Hmmm, for auditions, I don’t know if it’s “good luck” or if “break a leg” is just for performances, but either way, I hope you get a part.
    And, you have a license to act? I didn’t know they had those – I know at least a few people who should have lost theirs by now 😉
    Have not seen that Simpsons ep – love the show, but I’ve only seen probably 10% of the episodes. It’s not the type of show for distracted watching, and what other kind of tv-watching goes on around here?

  2. I haven’t heard anything official yet, so my lips are sealed. You’ll just have to wait a little longer…lol. No doubt practices will start for your show before they start for LittleShop…..(That’s only half of a ha ha)!!!

    I’m sure you will be pleased!!!

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