Another Wonder Gone


Ironic that I just posted about the defunct new Wonder Woman series.  After 33 performances (and 31 preview performances), Wonderland wrapped its Broadway run May 15th.  The new musical about a grown up Alice who yearns for a more adventure-filled life, sets out on a quest beneath the streets of New York City.  There she meets a cast of familiar yet outrageously re-imagined characters.  Funny that with such a short run, the show had produced a cast album.  I suppose that when your wife is Linda Eder who has a recording of some of the songs, it would be entirely possible.  I wonder if somewhere out there is a cast recording of the most celebrated (celebrated but by far NOT the only) flop in Broadway history… Carrie.

Sad to say that I do not think Frank Wildhorn has had a long Broadway run since Jekyll & Hyde. Although J&H had a 4 year run, it still lost $1.5 million.  His Scarlet Pimpernel and Dracula also were not successful.  I guess that being married to a diva is no guarantee of creative success.  OOPS… according to another source the couple has been separated since 2004.  So much for that theory.

Maybe the show was overshadowed by an endlessly publicized, overtly ridiculed, accident prone, re-imagined,  back in preview mode, soon to open show.  Hmmm…. wonder what that is?

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  1. Even with all the hype, I have no desire to see the Spiderman show. No desire to see any of them actually… I think shows like Dora the Explorer Live, Sesame Street Live, and Walking With Dinosaurs qualify as my “dream shows” to see these days 🙂

  2. This reminds me, it turns out the production of Noah is a very small one, cast of eight- four men so I may end up trying out for Dracula after all if I don’t make this. I still wonder what character roles there are in it since there is no way I would be Dracula (not a physical fit, essentially precast).

  3. Not so much. I did a skit with a few others in acting class once upon a time (where I did play Dracula, though my fellow actors did insist I darken my hair, with mixed results…). Renfield, eh? I will look him up.

    Bah- what is going on with tangents, or at least my connection to it? I won’t connect half the time. This has been going on all week.

    1. I remember discussing the PLAY with justj as I was reading the novel during the run of The Hound of the Baskervilles way back in October. I think Renfield would be a fun character role.

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