That Time Of The Year… AGAIN


Yes, tomorrow night begins the drama that has become known as American Idol.  This season promises to be as memorable as the past how many ever it has been (I’ve lost count).  There is going to be an added female judge joining Simon, Randy, and Paula.  Maybe she will inject added controversy with the often addled-appearing Paula Abdul.  I enjoy watching the first few weeks of the audition process when the producers put the worst of the worst before millions of television audiences.  Honestly, who can imagine this unfortunate soul singing(?) Like a Virgin being taken seriously?  I guess one should not scoff at someone attempting to fulfill a dream, but… Somehow future seasons saw contestants like William Hung and Sanjaya Malakar advance a few stages.  Curiosity will lead me to watch some this season, but it definitely does not have the appeal it once did.[poll id=”12″]

2 thoughts on “That Time Of The Year… AGAIN”

  1. Me, I’m tired of every single ‘reality’ show on TV. If I never see another one it will be too soon. Does that sound a little harsh? I’m also starting to feel the same way about all the investigative crime scene shows too. Is that too cynical? I think I’ll stick to movies on DVDs (no high def TV yet, so I don’t need blu-ray), sports and a documentary or two. TV sitcoms have been getting to me in the same manner as ‘reality’ and crime shows.

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