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Enjoy this video of an acapella group and violinist one guy doing five separate parts in his own musical arrangement of highlights from Legend of Zelda.  I did. 🙂

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  1. Ok the Prisoner of Zelda was a decent video game, but why would someone want to create this video? Some of the other Zelda stuff I’ve seen has been stranger.

  2. You mean Legend of Zelda, don’t you? I did a search for “Prisoner of Zelda” and found some blank movie info at various sites (a misspelling of Prisoner of Zenda I would guess. Anyway, it was much more than a decent video game. Next to Mario, the Zelda series has to be the largest gold mine for Nintendo ever. Except for the Super Nintendo, I think every Nintendo system has had at least two Zelda games for it. Well, the Wii also has just one currently, but that will change I expect. Check out these two links for all the Zelda information you ever wanted, and then some:

    Zelda Universe
    Zelda series on Wikipedia

    Combine that with the Japanese obsession with video games, and this is the sort of thing that results. Of course not just the Japanese have a Zelda obsession as a previous post of mine shows… 🙂

  3. Ummm….
    Is it just me or is that 5 of the same guy?
    I played and actually finished the N64 Zelda game – Ocarina of Time, I think it was called… Ah, the days before kids, playing video games all day…

  4. You know, I didn’t even look that closely at it. If so, the I would have to say he did an incredible job. 😮

    EDIT: You’re right! I just checked on Youtube- it was done by a Diwa de Leon (WEBSITE / BLOG). I will update my post to reflect this.

  5. But were the harmony parts Andy? I remember afterward one of the voices asking Andy if it worked. Unless you’re talking about something this season I don’t know about yet.

  6. Yes and yes – he sang with an acappella group in college and did have them record something for him, but at some point he also made a recording of himself doing a few parts at the same time.

  7. Okay, you lost me there. I guess I don’t remember some of the finer Office details. He mentioned this in one of the “interview” shots I take it? If I hadn’t already returned the season four DVD set I would go back and look for it.

  8. I think it might have been from this season… not really sure. I didn’t mean to spoil anything for you, but now you have something to look forward to 😉
    Chris just shed some light on why there were so many super-sized episodes in season 4 – writer’s strike – the show wasn’t on at all for many weeks, so they had to make up for it with the long episodes.

  9. The writers of Enterprise did something like that for its last season. They wanted to have a complete season four so it could be syndicated like the rest of the Star Trek shows, but to get the network to agree they had their budget severely cut. The only way to do the season on the low budget was to make several two-hour episodes that were split into three parts.

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