A Geek in The White House

Yes, our president-elect is a self-proclaimed comic book aficionado.  Mr. Obama is such a fan of the Amazing Spider-Man that he is being featured on the cover of an upcoming issue as well as a story within its pages.  This is not the first time that comics have met the real world.  Many heroes took part in stories following the events of September 11, 2001 especially the web-slinger since his home turf is in fact Queens, New York.  Presidents are not new to comic book pages, either.

  • President John F. Kennedy was seen in the pages of Action Comics #309 which was published months after the assassination.
  • President Clinton and Hillary were part of the World Without a Superman
    in the pages of Man of Steel.

Yes, sometimes the worlds of fantasy and reality do merge.

2 thoughts on “A Geek in The White House”

  1. Does this mean that I have to become president to get in a comic book. Does getting in a comic book make you the geek, or is it the wanting to be in a comic book that makes you a geek?

  2. It must… I do believe however that Stan Lee had a reality show (yes, even he had one) in which the victor had some deal made involving a comic book. Then, of course, one could create is own comic book and thereby having the ability to put himself in it. Since he proclaimed hiself the geek, you would have to ask the president-elect.

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