Dearly Departed We Are Gathered Here Today…


I hope that I am not stepping on too many toes by posting on a show that some readers have not sen so I will try not to give too much away.  WCCT opened its 2010 season in high form with the hysterically touching comedy Dearly Departed.  Every redneck stereotype (southern Baptist… correct?… ministers, beer bellied loafers, etc) you can imagine is put on huge display.  It was almost a lost episode of Mama’s Family.  In fact, Deb’s performance as the family matriarch made me flashback to Vicki Lawrence herself.  An extended group of hicks gather to say their farewells to its beloved(?) head of the family.

As with any family centered piece, the dirty laundry is aired and there is a lot to share!  It is so much fun to sit back and watch friends on stage create such lively characters.  Fellow tangenteer, justj positively stole the show in not one but two outstanding roles.

So… if you haven’t already, be sure to catch one of the remaining performances of the premiere show of the season.

13 thoughts on “Dearly Departed We Are Gathered Here Today…”

  1. I’ve never seen that show… but I guess I’m not much of a television guy (with exception of “The Office”…which I am little obsessed with)

  2. HMMM… I think our new admin is going to fit right in. Don’t u agree? (Well justj not so much). I have to watch last night’s final new episode before the Olympics.

  3. Although, I wouldn’t call myself “obsessed” with the show as much as others but it is one of the two shows I regularly watch.

  4. I skipped reading this post until I saw the play, though it wasn’t necessary – you did a good job of not giving away anything. I enjoyed myself at this funny show. I thought Justj was wonderful as the preacher, but I still liked Norval the best! Surprising how challenging a role like that can be; it would have been really easy to downplay it or make it too over-the-top, but Norval had a life and identity that was his own – GREAT job!
    @ Justin – no Office quote will go unnoticed here!! One of the very few tv shows I still watch on a regular basis, and my favorite show of all time! I thought the past two weeks’ episodes were outstanding, with perhaps the “Sabre” episode airing on Feb 4 the BEST EVER!! That bit with Christian Slater had me laughing until I cried and even now, weeks later, just hearing the words “Christian Slater” cracks me up!! Kathy Bates was amazing on the Feb 11 episode… The way she said “Don’t try to ride ’em; a lot of people try to ride ’em” about her Great Danes was SO funny! Her delivery is impeccable!!!

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