A Movie Suggestion For An Upcoming Date Night

Prior to viewing Sherlock Holmes amongst all the needless ads, I did see a trailer for a movie that is definitely high on my list for viewing.  Although NOTHING can take away the comedic genius which he brings to his portrayal of Michael Scott, Steve Carrel has made some great movies as well.  Some of my favorites: Little Miss Sunshine, Evan Almighty (I actually enjoyed it more than its predecessor, Bruce Almighty), and the updated Get Smart.  This spring, he will be paired with his female counterpart, Tina Fey in the new movie Date Night.  Sure to be a hilarious movie coming April 9.

4 thoughts on “A Movie Suggestion For An Upcoming Date Night”

  1. That looked pretty good, and it comes out just in time for our anniversary! I really liked Evan Almighty – it’s one of my favorite kids’ movies. I don’t think it’s really in the same league as Bruce Almighty – seems like they just share part of a title. Steve Carrel was good in Little Miss Sunshine and also Dan in Real Life, but I wasn’t too crazy about Get Smart. Will have to check out Date Night – thanks for the heads up!

  2. Dan was good, too. I think Get Smart was more of a tip of the hat to the series which I watch reruns when I can now that I see there is a channel showing it nightly. I don’t think it was a huge hit and don’t see any sequels in the works.

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