Calendar Quirk


Through the quirky way our calendar is set up, the leap day pushed every day following it up one day in the week. Now most people won’t notice this too much, but since we had two leap years since 2003, the dates of this year (after the 29th of February) fall on exactly the same day of the week as 2003.

I’ve noticed those days. Dates and days etched forever in my mind from 2003, are now falling back on the days they occurred. The warm days of this early November remind me again of the fall days in 2003.

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years will all be on the same day as 2003. And Dec 30th will again fall on a Tuesday.

The logical person I am, knew that this year would happen. The emotions tied to those dates and days is something I didn’t prepare for.

Forever loved, forever in my mind SJO 7/19/1962 – 12/30/2003. A life too short…

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  1. I’m not even going to pretend to know what to say. Once you get through this year, it might be easier in years where it happens again, having been through the first time already…
    In the meantime, if you need anything, ask or demand it from your friends 🙂

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