I Drew A Hardy Partridge

While searching imdb’s newest feature of viewing full episodes of tv shows past and present, I came across a show that I only very, VERY vaguely remember watching in the late 1970s (but do not search for it at imdb).  I do remember other aspects of it; particularly, the series of books upon which the series was based.  The Hardy Boys Mysteries (later to be retitled as The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries to include their female counterpart) starred Parker Stevenson (who was later married to Kirstie Alley) and 70s bubble gum pop singer and teenage heartthrob Shaun Cassidy as Frank and Joe Hardy.  One of the mysteries I happened upon thanks to the NancyHardy channel on youtube featured a young Melanie Griffith as a troubled young girl who seems to be drawn by supernatural forces to The House on Possessed Hill.  Hopefully, my mention of the channel will not cause it to be deleted (I have mentioned the fanofbats channel previously and still receive updates for new old episodes of Batman).

Ok… what I do remember from the past.  I do remember the story of Shaun Cassidy.  He is the son of Jack Cassidy and Shirley Jones.  Shaun’s half-brother, David, was a teen magnet himself on The Partridge Family which coincidentally co-starred Ms. Jones.  Shaun’s self-titled debut album was a stable in my house.  It featured mainly cover songs like “DaDooRonRon,” “Be My Baby,” and a few others.  In their adult years, Shaun and David co-starred in the musical Blood Brothers.

And as I previously mentioned, I do remember reading the books written by many authors under the pen name Franklin W. Dixon and to a lesser extent the books featuring Ms. Drew.

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  1. So not the original classic Hardy Boys then from the 50s on the Mickey Mouse Club, serialized I believe. Hmm- according to IMDB there were a couple other series as well. And weren’t there recently a bunch of Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew video games?

    I’ll answer myself- looking up Nancy Drew at IMDB there is a list of over a dozen games in that series (!) Wow.

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