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I know that it has been awhile since I have last written, but I have been busy. I have been trying to plan my wedding while go to school and work at the same time. I guess I could write how much school is driving me crazy, or something like that, but at the moment, I am going to write about my wedding.

Since the wedding is the ‘bride’s day’ I am sure that I should be planning most of this myself. Or at least, that is the tradition. There was no way I was going to plan this huge event all by myself, especially not when it will effect both of our lives. Nope, he is helping me with all the planning for this wedding and he is not even complaing. He really does not mind helping me and I am so glad for that.

At the moment we have the guest list finished for the most part. It might change every now and then, but for the most part it is finished. We also have the place where we are having our reception reserved for us. We really wanted to make sure we could get it reserved since we are getting married the same time so many people are graduating and having graduation parties. I know that it might seem like we have picked the wrong time to get married, but my younger sister is graduating next year, and we are trying to make things easier on one of my older sisters who lives in Florida.

I have picked out what dress I want. Unfortunately, it really does not exist, so my oldest sister is going to be making it for me. She had to spend hours upon hours to find a pattern really close to what I want. Tony and I had wanted to have some Star Wars in our wedding, but since we are having it our church, our Pastor said no. It wasn’t going to be the entire wedding party dressed as Jedi or anything. All we wanted was for me to wear Mara Jade’s outfit and Tony was going to wear Luke Skywalker’s black outfit. Oh, and of course Artoo Detoo as the ring bearer. Well, now instead of wearing the green outfit of Mara’s, I am wearing her wedding dress. Pastor does not know that my wedding dress is related to Star Wars in anyway and I am not going to tell him. Besides, what can he do? It is a wedding dress after all.

There are some other planning that we have finished all ready, and we have slowly begun to buy things that we are going to need for the wedding. I refuse to get stressed about planning for this wedding. My oldest sister was the one who paniced for her own wedding and then my other sister’s wedding, so I am just going to let her do the panicing and I will remain calm. At least, that is the plan.

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  1. We will not get stressed about our wedding, seeing as we are making it a simple one.

    As the saying is simple yet refined.

    And I am being optomistic, there are times I am and this is one of them

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