As The Stomach Turns


This title refers to a hilarious skit performed on The Carol Burnett Show as a spoof of those neverending daytime soaps. If you watch one episode and wait a year you haven’t missed anything. However, I have read articles that suggest that they are good training for the professional actor as pages of script need to be memorized in a very short time. Thanks again to my morning radio news I learned that a young man from my neck of the woods has recently left the soap As the World Turns to become a cast member of the primetime series, Friday Night Lights. Since i am unfamiliar with either show, I can only wish Zach Roerig the best of luck in his new role. Some of today’s (and yesterday’s) big names got their starts steaming up daytime television.

  • Morgan Freeman
  • Marisa Tomei
  • Tommy Lee Jones
  • Mark Hamill (before he became Luke Skywalker and the animated voice of the Joker)
  • Leonard Nimoy (played a drug addict who checked into General Horsepital (oops Hospital…) thanks Mom)
  • Demi Moore
  • David Hasselhoff (HIM AGAIN… definitely one of yesterday’s so-called stars (sorry if I offend any of my European readers).. grudgingly included… thanks again, Mom… I dunno how she remembers all these so well)

These are of a few of the famous alumni of the suds. Since no one within my reach can think of any others, I will leave it open for further comments. But as I know that none of my regular readers have an undying passion for All My Dingbats, The Young and the Breastless, One Life to Die, or any of the others, I will leave it up to those silent critters from other parts of the US, Germany, Sweden, Canada, and wherever else you may be hiding.

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  1. I hate soaps, so it’s not like I knew this – I admit I looked it up. But only because I thought of a few like Brad Pitt that I wanted to check out – I was right about Brad, and here are some others: JENNIFER LOPEZ, COURTENEY COX, ROBERT DOWNEY JR., ROBERT DeNIRO, CORBIN BERNSEN, TAYE DIGGS, JULIAN McMAHON, KATE CAPSHAW, JAMES VAN DER BEEK, FAITH FORD, ALLISON JANNEY, PARKER POSEY, STEVEN WEBER, ANNE HECHE, JULIANNE MOORE, AND CALISTA FLOCKHART.

  2. I liked Knight Rider, too but after that PHOOEY… thanks taylhis for the insight… I just did not feel like doing further research on the topic; However, I did for get two fellows who went on to play the Man of Steel: Christoper Reeve and Brandon Routh.

  3. And I did put “yesterday’s” stars. Unfortunately, the original Knight Rider left television screens long ago> However, an updated series is premiering soon. Check your local listings… yet another soap alum

  4. I hope you enjoyed the Youtube links. I wasn’t too serious BTW about what I wrote. The Youtube links should have shown that. I guess I should have put a smiley on my first post too, sorry.

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