Today was a special off-day voice lesson.  K and her family are leaving Thursday afternoon for a long road trip over the Easter holiday.  My recital piece had one little glitch while hardly noticeable will be remedied by NEXT Thursday.  Now, all I need to do is figure out if I want to prance around with choreography… depends on where the ol’ leg is but I have a lot going in my head that would benefit the very active piece.

After running the song a few times, we decided to do a bit of sight-singing.  I flipped through the first book given to me (I did not bring anything else with me) we looked at “I Don’t Know How to Love Him” from Jesus Christ Superstar.  After finishing, we both agreed that the range was perfect for my voice but I commented that the context was a bit off for me 😉 .  Mary Magdalene singing about having “so many men before.  In very many ways. He’s just one more.”  I did remember that Judas has a short reprise later in the show.  Reading too much into the reading 😉

Then, K suggested that we try something completely new next week: Italian aria.  I looked through her book and came across one that I had done while at BGSU and came across two others that were familiar by their title.  Something different but not completely foreign (wink, wink) to me.  Not scared at all, more excited than anything.  Yet another chance to expand my horizons.

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