Bad Dreams

When the girls were growing up, they had their share of bad dreams, monsters under the bed or in the closet. At one point during all of this, I gave a daughter one of my stuffed dragons. I had quite the collection of stuffed dragons. They were out numbered by the stuffed raccoons, but I didn’t buy the dragons.

One fateful, and apparently dreadful, night I gave my daughter a little stuffed dragon. I told her how it would protect her from all the scary things at night. Dragons, of course, can breathe fire, and attack all the scary things in the room. This little dragon would do all it could to keep my little girl safe. It worked, and there were far less scary dreams or things that went bump in the night.

The dragon was passed to the next daughter and so on. My youngest still has him sitting on her bed. Her nightmares seem to be under control.

As it happens, my darling granddaughter was having nightmare/monster problems. I went out to pick up a dragon to protect her from the bumpy night things. I think I’ll need to ask how it is going with that little dragon.

Another little thing in life, that seemed to make a difference.

4 thoughts on “Bad Dreams”

  1. Smaug, Norbert.. I’m sure there are more dragons with names… Falcor (the luck dragon… LOVE Never Ending Story… the first one never gets old, the sequels… I stopped after the first). Thanks for sharing!

  2. The little dragon came to visit us this last time she was in town. He had a minor injury, but nothing that Aunt Draclet’s doll hospital skills couldn’t handle. 🙂
    You know, I now have the crochet patterns for the dragons Mom made you. If you ever need a new addition to your collection.

  3. Figment! That’s my favorite dragon! Another sweet story, you’re on a roll!
    And I have a “sick bear” that I let the kids borrow when they’re sick – he used to be mine when I was little. He sucks his thumb and looks all pale, and because he has an open mouth where his thumb goes, he can have medicine too. So I tell the kids that they have to take care of him, and it helps to distract them from their own aches and pains. I will remember this remedy for nightmares; haven’t had that problem yet (knock on wood). Unless there’s a chance it might work on Hubby’s chronic nightmares…

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