It Takes A Village


Or at least 8-10 actors on stage and some behind the scenes performers.  My review of The Village Players opening show of the 2010 season will be brief so as to not give away to those who have yet to see it.  And if you have not then definitely try to make the final performance tomorrow afternoon!  Most asuredly an ensemble piece led by the hilarious Mary as Mrs. Savage.

I have to say that another actress on stage (who I take full credit for) also was fabulous.  Courtney, who played Mr. Potter’s little seen secretary in It’s a Wonderful Life, amazed me as Mrs. Savage’s greedy daughter.

A real life father/daughter duo whom I have worked with before also had fine chemistry especially in one bit!  I saw a lot of built up emotion in that ironic moment 😉

A fine job by all that I got to share with my brother and his kids!

Also fun was a survey the audience was asked to fill out.

  • Is this your first time seeing a VP show? (No, but I’ve been in more than I have seen).
  • How did you hear about the show… check all that apply.  (An X on each line including “Other”… cast members forced me to come… HAHA!)
  • Finally, the shows you would like to see on the stage… (No less than 10, two provided by Joshua.  Our Town and Twelfth Night both of which he has read in his 7th grade gifted class.  The rest were 8 that I have wanted to be in.  Including one that will probably be tossed.  But if another group can attempt to persuade their board to do a show full of blood and gore then why can’t another do a show based on real people that actually has some intelligence behind it? Just a suggestion…)

A good way to kick off the season and a chance to sit back and be entertained.  But not too long… three months is too long to be off stage 😉

6 thoughts on “It Takes A Village”

  1. The Curious Savage- what a curious-sounding show. 😉

    It really does sound interesting.

    Say, why am I (temporarily I’m sure) dominating the recent comments? C’mon, step it up friends- you can go back to having a life after putting an end to my domination! 😀

  2. It was a really good show – my first time seeing it. We didn’t get a survey on Friday night! I wonder if they forgot to give them out or if they only care about the opinions of the Saturday night audiences…

  3. derek… myabe it’s your catch up commenting that makes you THINK you are dominating?

    taylhis… could be that someone was asleep at the switch (LITERALLY) and forgot to print them out for Friday?

  4. PTL it’s over! Glad that all….or most of you came! The reason there were no survey forms…..well, I don’t think it was actually thought about until the director mentioned it to the person in charge of printing them out…..AND, we don’t normally do it for EVERY performance as the printing would get costly. The director did request them Saturday so the person who is in charge of printing them made them and we used them the last two performances.

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