Just a short note from Fort Wayne


I’m making sure that the internet access and printer are hooked up for my youngest at college. If this posts, I know everything works.

So the drive was very damp as rain fell during the entire trip. It is sometimes fun to drive on the expressways when the rain falls. The trip today was uneventful.

Yesterday’s trip to and from Toledo were not as uneventful. I saw two semis driving erratically. One on the way in and one on the way home. The one on the way home bothered me enough that I pulled into the rest stop to let him get farther ahead.

Well, I made it home so that may have been a good decision.

2 thoughts on “Just a short note from Fort Wayne”

  1. Glad you made it home safely. The rain yesterday was annoying – had to cancel zoo plans. And we ran into a little situation on the turnpike… first the darn ipass wouldn’t work, then they gave us the wrong ticket, then we went the wrong way…. UGH!!! Too much time and money wasted!
    But safe in the end, and fun, so… 🙂

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