It was a pitchers’ dual


I really was enjoying a good ball game until the 7th inning. After that inning it was no longer a ball game, it was a slaughter. And yes, my favorite team got slaughtered.

Maybe it is the competitor in me, but I’ve always liked close games. It never mattered win or lose. I even enjoy a good slug fest for one team if it just happens to go that way all night. I don’t really enjoy good tight ball games for 5+ innings and then have one blow out inning. I generally just turn those game off. Yes, it does make it more difficult when the team I want to win is on the losing side, but I’ve turned them off in both directions. Congrats to the Yankees and their excellent pitching performance. That side of the game was well worth paying attention to. The top of the 7th, well that was just sad. A poorly played ball, some lousy pitching and some good hitting made it a laugher. I’m just wondering what Tiger pitcher(s) will be sent back to the minors or even released after this game. Three pitchers did little to prove they should be in the majors tonight. I’m don’t usually complain on one inning of work, but a relief pitcher should throw strikes. If the other team smacks the ball around fine, but walks and especially back to back walks should happen rarely.

Oh well, that is my rant for the night.

4 thoughts on “It was a pitchers’ dual”

  1. No need for another post when a comment will do. Congrats to the Yankees. Better pitching, more timely hitting, and more runs scored. Yesterday’s game wasn’t as bad as the night before. The Yankees were all over the ball. Of course the final score made the game seem closer than it actually was.

  2. And I could have watched if not for the blackout on ESPN 🙁 Like the Yankees the other night, the Tigers had a bit of a rally in the 8th, I believe.

  3. It was the bottom of the ninth. I’m hoping that by June 12th (digital deadline 2) I will be able to get Fox 36 out of Toledo. They carry most of the Tiger games. Outside of getting the MLB.TV, I don’t know what you could do about the Yankees games. I didn’t think that was worth the price. I have gameday audio, and I can listen to any game I want. Combine that with the gameday screen and you get a ‘upgraded’ radio experience. If I’m really in a baseball mood, I can listen to other games before or after the Tigers games.

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