Voting in the great state of OHIO


Today is finally our turn to vote in the primaries here in Ohio.  And of the candidates who are left, I only really like one!  A lot of people in this neck of the woods find it unfair that we don’t get much of a say earlier in the campaign, when all the candidates are left.  I just accept it for the way it is, and I enjoy being in the national spotlight now – it’s neat to turn on CNN and hear Ohio this and Ohio that.  So, I will be going to the polls later today when time permits to perform my duty as an American citizen and vote – though I hope it doesn’t land me in jury duty at a later time.  And I will vote for the candidate I would like to see lead our country, even though he doesn’t stand a chance and will most likely drop out of the race within a week.  Then tonight, I will watch all the news channels as the final numbers come in, and whether we like it or not, we can all enjoy being a part of history, since pretty soon it will be official – we will have a presidnetial candidate who does not fit the mold of the traditional American president: a white male.  Well, sometimes change is good, but for now, go Buckeyes!

4 thoughts on “Voting in the great state of OHIO”

  1. @Chris:
    (Two thumbs up)!

    And may the non-white or non-male, whichever it may be, NOT win in November, though not for any gender or race reason. If Huckabee was a black female, I would still vote for hi-, er- her. 🙂

  2. But as it stands I will have to vote for a candidate I am not really happy with, just to try and make sure the other candidate (that matters according to our process, sorry Nader…) doesn’t win.

  3. I hear ya on the voting for a candidate you’re unhappy with… actually, when we went to vote today, they made us vote EITHER Dem or Republican, not both… maybe I’m naive, but I didn’t realize it was going to be that way for the primaries!

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