Multiday position!


This morning I was woken up again at about 5:45 after failing to find an assignment before this. This definitely turned out to be a plus. Most sub jobs for me are a day at a time. The longest I have had in the past was five days, but that was the only one that long. This morning I was offered one for four days. Not record-breaking, but still nice as it fills in my week- and no phone ringing before 6AM! It is especially nice as this is testing time and so subs are not needed as much. The test of course blocks out a little more than an hour each morning where I have to do next to nothing as a regular teacher has to administer the test. A couple other lessons are taught by the other 3/4 teacher to a double-size class (the wall between the rooms is a folding wall). In fact, I really only had to teach one lesson today, math, though I don’t expect it to remain like that all week. Unfortunately the kids were quite chatty during math. That, coupled with only 40 minutes to teach an hour lesson means I didn’t finish- I’m not sure how the regular teacher expects one lesson to be taught each day with the shorter time slot. Well, I think she’s hoping for one a day in any event.  I expect tomorrow besides math I will be at least doing something during reading other than going around keeping kids on task even though I think it’s going to be a double-class activity again (though broken down into groups).   If this post is a little nonsensical it is because I am running on fumes right now as it were.  5:45AM wakeup + lack of sleep = one tired sub.  Signing off for now…

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  1. Chris likes this theme better. We both like how the comments are in “spokes-bubbles”. Sorry to hear about your sleep problems – that must be difficult when you don’t know the cause of it. Chris has the same problem, but it’s cause is determined – KIDS!!!

  2. Well, babies especially do that: Midnight feeding, 1AM change, 2AM feeding… I think I would like to get married one day, but that part scares me a little, light sleeper that I am. Perhaps I will go for the instant family approach, which is fast becoming the realistic approach for someone my age anyway. 😀

    ‘Course none of that will happen if I don’t improve my social skills and actually go out and *meet* someone…

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