Save the Frogs Day


As I have been reminded, it is Save the Frogs Day on Friday. I only think one state officially recognizes it, but that is not that point. The point is that we should be there to support the frogs! I would love to see how many of my readers agree with me on this! Frogs are my favorite animal and they are disappearing all around the world! Without our frogs, we are losing so many different important things in our life! Without frogs, so many of our medicine will no longer be around. And think of how many insects that frogs eat, the dieased misquitos for one! There are so many reasons that frogs need our help to survive. I could go on and on, but I won’t especially since I have to go pick up Tony, but think about what would happen if we suddenly had no more frogs in this world.

5 thoughts on “Save the Frogs Day”

  1. Still lots of frogs sounding off in the woods. I’m already doing my part to save frogs. No frogs for dinner. They need to do their part and eat more mosquitoes.

  2. WOW… I thought that the number of mosquitos that frogs eat alone would be beneficial in disease control. I find it fascinating that they contribute in the production of medicines. Just don’t think one of our fellow tangenteers is a huge fan. I never knew of Save the Frogs Day! Kind of reminds me of the scene in E.T. when Elliot releases all the frogs in danger of being disected.

  3. I love all animals, and it’s concerning to see that there are so many less frogs than there were when we were growing up. We had a window well, and there were always frogs getting stuck in there, and every time we took a walk near sunset, there would be a frog sighting or two. Frogs were roadkill, frogs lived in the ponds, kids in the neighborhood were always playing with frogs. It’s sad that they are now nearly invisible, even if the kid who dared to bring one in the house would be grounded for life!! I don’t hate them, I’m just afraid of them, and I don’t even know why. They literally make my skin crawl. But I love all animals, and I don’t wish to hasten their demise.
    So happy Save the Frogs day! 😉
    And oh yeah, that scene in ET? Scariest. Scene. Ever. j/k – but seriously, I hadn’t seen that movie in ages, and one day in college I was huddled in my bed, running a terrible fever, and that scene came on. I wasn’t able to get out of bed to change the channel, and then I got so creeped out I didn’t even want to go down the hall to the bathroom!
    Funny, I was never afraid of the one we had to dissect in 7th grade. Do they still do that or are computers good enough nowadays hopefully? That just seems barbaric!

  4. Ancient Egypt would be one to skip celebrating this day- they got their share of the green hoppers back in the day remember when Pharaoh refused to let Israel go. 😉

    I agree with justj- I’ll give up all those frogs I eat too, and not just for Friday! 😀

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