A Trip To Walmart That Made Me… Happy?!?


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a venting complaint post about Walmart.  It seemed like every time I went there, they were changing around their prices in some way that added to their profits from my pocket – it was aggravating.  I got used to it, and I haven’t noticed anything new (or let it get to me anyway) for awhile.  Today after a very long day, I had to go to Walmart, and I actually left happy about THREE things!

1.  They had my shoes back!!  The black Brahma Bravos they haven’t carried for a  year!  It was enough to put a smile on my face and for me to give my cashier an earful about my quest for shoes.  I’ve been toiling over my shoe issue for about a year, and now I found the exact ones I wanted, for the price I wanted – YAY!!!  So tempted to buy two pair, just to put one away in case they decide to shoe-starve me again, but that would just be a waste of money…
2.  The whole reason I went to  Walmart in the first place was to find a snack for my daughter’s Kindergarten class.  Our turn to bring snack is tomorrow, and you are supposed to bring a snack that coincides with the letter they are learning about that week.  Our letter?  X – quite possibly the most difficult letter in the alphabet!  I’ve been pondering this one for a few weeks ever since the snack list came home, and I came up with nothing.  That’s why I had to make the last-minute trip to Walmart today, exhausted as I was.  So I went up and down a few aisles, searching for X snacks –  I had long since decided to settle on a snack with an X in it instead of one that started with X, so that made  it a bit easier.  Trying to also be budget conscious (there are about 20 kids in my daughter’s class), I boiled it down to 3 choices:  Trix, Chex Mix, or Stax potato chips.  Hmm, tough decision.  Of those, the cereal seemed the most healthy, although the Chex Mix had a double-x…  I could not decide.  But then again, I was up at 6:30 this morning to get to the middle school to attend a puberty talk with my daughter.  More on that later, aren’t you excited?  So I called my husband about the X snack – I was so tired, I just couldn’t figure it out.  He said to go with the Stax based on how much the kids would like it and the fact that it was the best value.  Fine.  No one ever said these had to be healthy snacks.
3.  I found a booster seat for under $15.  Ohio is one of the last states to pass that booster seat law –  you know, the one where kids under 8 years old or shorter than 4’9″ have to be in a booster seat?  Well, that would include two of our kids, and we had only 1 booster seat.  I think it’s a dumb law; sure they say it’s safer, but who funded the studies -Graco et al.?  I’m from the 80’s – you know, the era where we kids lay sprawling in the backs of the station wagons, free as birds, feeling safe as can be while our parents braved the Chicago expressways…  Me and everyone I played with in the back of our parents’ station wagons made it into adulthood just fine…  not that I’m saying it was safe, but I just spent $13 on a booster seat, so I deserve to go off a little.  But I expected to pay much more, so I was happy.  Besides, like I told Hubby, $13 is a heck of a lot cheaper than the $100+ ticket it would have cost had our kids not been in the booster.  And I have a question – what about adults who are under 4’9″?  Do they have to ride in a booster seat in Ohio?  You know what, I won’t go there – it’s rude 🙂

So, yeah.  Three reasons Walmart made me happy today; that’s unusual.  Maybe they’re messing with my brain – I had 5 items on my list and came out with a $60 bill; how could that make me happy unless they’re brainwashing me?  That must be it…

Or maybe I’m just excited to have gotten out of the puberty talk at the middle school unscathed.  My husband (bless his heart) was the only male in the room.  We asked our daughter last night if she wanted both of us, just me, or none of us to go, and she chose both.  I won’t go into detail, but it was kind of a reality check.  Man, kids sure don’t stay little for long, do they?  Luckily for us, the talk was given by the school nurse, who is also a friend of the family from our church.  She handled it wonderfully, primitive sketch and all.  And that’s all I have to say about that.  1 (puberty talk at school) down, 3 to go…

9 thoughts on “A Trip To Walmart That Made Me… Happy?!?”

  1. AH… sprawled out in the back of the Griswold (er… Shaf) station wagon headed to California! How much car travel has changed.

    The fact that T wanted both of you at her talk speaks volumes for her character. I’m proud of you, Taylor! You are an AWESOME young lady 🙂

  2. Once again all I can say is – “I get tired just reading about your days”

    so glad you found your shoes though, I’m of the mind you should go back and get the spare pair, it won’t be a waste think about the way inflation is…..you’ll save money on the next pair I’m sure of it.

    Roller Derby Saturday I’m taking like 6 people – who knew Nashville had a roller derby team?

    Best wishes to you and your family!!

  3. I apologize for posting twice – but I wanted to let you know Baskin Robbins is having 31 cent ice cream cones tonight, if you have them in Ohio

  4. @mysmichelle – no need to apologize, I like when people leave me comments! The more the better!
    Oh man! We do have Baskin Robbins in Ohio, but unfortunately not here in the country. The nearest one is about an hour away in the big city, and I was just there yesterday – bummer! Thanks for letting me know though! Those specials are awesome. I really enjoyed them while I was pregnant! Hope you enjoy the roller derby! Maybe you should start a blog of your own so I can read your take on it? Or just leave me another comment…

  5. Wow! I enjoyed this post. I, too, think you should get the 2nd pair of shoes. I have done that when I find a shoe I really like. Then you won’t have the grief of finding them for a while. I agree with jamiahsh…Taylor is quite a young lady who is very secure and well adjusted to want both her parents there. Way to go Lisa and Chris.

  6. Did we have the..talk…in school in 4th grade in the 70s/80s? I remember in 6th-8th grades of course. Seems the public schools want to do this earlier and earlier with kids. I can go further with this, but I won’t.

    I had to go to the big W twice in the last week. Last week I left the glass razor I bought from W behind at a dealer a day after buying it, so I had to get another one. Good thing it was only $2.50 for a rubber-grip one.

  7. @derek – the talk was centered more on puberty than other things, although respecting one’s body was touched upon. Too bad it couldn’t be addressed as God’s body, but then again, it’s public school. I specifically remember watching a puberty video in 4th grade, as well as the grades after that, but according to the nurse, kids these days are hitting puberty earlier – YIKES!!
    Tomorrow will be my 3rd trip to wmart this week – got the wrong size shoes! Apparently, my feet have shrunk, but with my size, that’s a good thing 😉

  8. Or maybe they make the shoes bigger now? I dunno, I just know that I’m a half-size smaller than my last pair of the same shoes, and the new ones are still a bit big. Maybe I wore the last ones during a pregnancy when my feet were swollen? That’s all I can figure… still, each pregnancy is supposed to make your feet spread out and become larger and stay that way, so I don’t know why my feet are getting smaller… Plus the old pair of shoes still fit me, the soles are just wearing away…

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