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Yesterday was a day for new family members, I guess. Tony and I had one planned and one was a surprise. My boss had asked if Tony and I were interested in taking Darth’s friend and ‘brother’. He was the last cat she had left in the garage, and she felt bad about leaving him by himself. He was losing weight and everything. So, Tony allowed me to bring him home and now Padme, Beru and Darth have a new brother. Wedge is a grey and white cat and is the biggest of our four cats. Padme is definitely not happy about it right now, but she will come around, she did with Beru and Darth and I am sure she will with Wedge. Wedge is a very friendly cat and he listens to Padme, so that will definitely help her except him, since he already knows who is in charge! Once Padme excepts Wedge, she will be nicer to the other cats also. She is a very spoiled and temperamental kitten, but I love her so much! 🙂

Well, the other family member was brought home by Amie. She brought home a little two month old Jack Russel puppy. It isn’t always going to be staying here since it is being potty trained. Where ever Amie is, the puppy will be going with her, when it can. She named him Zeke and he is adorable. It is probably a good thing that Padme hasn’t met him yet. She would be just thrilled to have a little hyper puppy around. 😉

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    1. We had to give Chewie back because she and Padme didn’t get along at all. They kept fighting and attacking each other (mostly Chewie attacking Padme). They were both used to being the domomant cat in the place, so we couldn’t keep both of them. Padme is my baby, so we decided to return Chewie.

    1. I’ll let Amie know, since she is the one taking care of the puppy. It’s funny, Padme is nicer to the puppy then the new cat! 🙂

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