Nothing Wrong With These Kids Today

I may not have kids of “my own” but I have about a dozen or so that I claim.  Nieces, nephews, and children of special friends.  I feel a great sense of joy whenever I am around them and I do not hesitate to know why:  I am one of the biggest kids, myself.  Spirited kids to the anti-social teenager I know all kinds and find something remarkable in them all:  particularly, the anti-social teenager.  Just last night, we shared an email conversation and I marveled at his wisdom (?) NO WAY! WISDOM?! This is one post that I hope he does not read.  Or maybe I do in order to draw out another possible lurker.  I keep telling him that he should really join us on tangents and share some of the wit and wisdom that  a 14 year old young man has but… “Not yet.”  I know another teenage junior high girl who seems to have security issues.  I can certainly relate… 6th-8th grade was NOT the best of times.

There are also the “tween”agers.  WOW… so wise and mature.  I was never like that!

Younger children just may have an even bigger influence on me… especially some of those more energetic, high-spirited ones.  They really take you back.  Playful, always the center of attention, carefree.  Sounds like some bigger kids to me 😉  At times, you have to be on guard and know when to say when.  Sometimes difficult to say and to put into motion but creativity has its place.  Remembering what it was like to be a kid may make me appear to be a push over, but, eh.

Finally, the BIG GUY who will have a HUGE place in my heart quite possibly indefinitely.  Born the day after my birthday nearly 2 years ago and I got to visit at the hospital and help prepare for his homecoming.  I am his biggest fan!

I am so blessed to know so many kids in all phases of development.  And the best thing, at this point?  You can take them home (not your own) when you are done with them!

3 thoughts on “Nothing Wrong With These Kids Today”

  1. I beg to differ on you being the biggest fan of a little guy born almost two years ago 8 days after his mother’s 30th birthday. His mother and father think he is pretty special as well, and you might have as many as 5 (or more) contenders for the title of ‘biggest fan’ 😉
    But otherwise, nice post!

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