Typing in CAPS is considered yelling, as far as computers and text messages go.  And I’m yelling MOTORCYCLES because that’s what you have to do in order to be able to hear yourself talk or even think while one is nearby.  With the horrible reality of gas prices these days (holding “steady” at $3.99 in my area currently), it seems that people are turning in their minivans and SUVs for more fuel efficient vehicles, especially motorcycles.

This is unfortunate for me because I can’t stand the things.  Normally I’m all for people doing their own thing; if someone wants to ride a motorcycle, why should it bother me?  Because simply put, it DOES affect me.  I can’t stand when I’m walking down the street, talking to my husband or my girls, only to have one of us drowned out by the awful noise of a motorcycle.  Some moron on a motorcycle revving his engine even startled one of my kids so badly that she cried!  It affects us even when we’re in our own car, and the noise of a motorcycle drowns out our conversations, the kids’ movie, or even wakes the kids up.  Sure, you can roll up the window, but oftentimes it’s too late, unless you want to drive around with the window closed.  And why should I have to do that?  It’s MY car; I shouldn’t have to be so negatively affected by other people’s actions in my own car!  And the fact is, these effects come from just one motorcycle.  The situation can be especially compounded when there are a whole pack of motorcycles, and they do often travel in packs, which means even louder interference.  I don’t understand why it is that cars can be ticketed for having loud mufflers, yet motorcycles can drive down the road, revving their noisy engines and being as deafening as they please.

The main reason why I hate motorcycles doesn’t even have anything to do with the fact that their racket makes their owner seem very discourteous and not aware of others at all…  I also have a major beef with the safety issue motorcycles present.  It would be one thing for a rider to drive down the road on a motorcycle, not wearing a helmet – as they often do – if it only affected him…  But unfortunately, that is not the case.  If any type of car accident were to happen involving a motorcycle, no matter who was at fault, any driver involved would have to live with the guilt for the rest of their lives that someone got hurt.  And if a motorcycle is involved in an accident, it is relatively easy for the cyclist to get injured – it’s a proven fact, plus I’ve witnessed 2 such crashes – neither were pretty, and one ended with the motorcycle’s helmeted occupant being airlifted by helicopter to the trauma center.  His helmet was smashed almost flat, and If he hadn’t been wearing it, my kids and I and whoever else happened upon that scene would have witnessed a fatality, no doubt.

So now that I’ve sounded off, I feel better.  It’s not like I think motorcycles should be banned or anything like that…  though if my kids or I get interrupted by the clamor of a motorcycle and I’m having a bad day I might feel differently.  And in this age of $4/gallon gas with no end in sight to the price increase, I can’t say I blame people for wanting to lower their transportation bill.  I just wish it didn’t affect other people so extremely!  So if you’re a motorcyclist, please be considerate, don’t rev your engine unessessarily, it makes kids cry!  Please always have safety as your #1 priority, and ALWAYS wear a helmet – not just for you, but for the rest of us!  Helmets and other safety gear a motorcyclist might wear look much cooler to me than the idiots who wear do-rags or shorts while riding…  What’s a do-rag gonna to do for you anyway in case of an accident, soak up the blood from your head wound?

7 thoughts on “MOTORcycles”

  1. Being a motorcyclist, I do not want to enter into an argument with you, however, I hope I can clarify a few things.

    First I will concede that there are some inconsiderate jerks out there who rev their motorcycles unneccessarily. That being said, have you considered the possibility that motorcyclists like their bikes loud NOT to look or sound cool but to make it more safe for us? Try navigating the streets with all the distractions drivers (in cars) have….cell phones, stereos, etc. Along comes Mr. Motorcyclist obeying the speed limit & wearing his approved safety gear, and out pulls Mrs. Soccer Mom yacking on her cellphone not paying attention. CRASH….DEAD! Could that loud exhaust get her attention and prevent an accident?? Ever wonder why all the really fast bikes come in bright colors, yellow, red, orange? Do you think that maybe it helps cars SEE them better (not that they are exceeding the speed limit – that is a whole different conversation) Many motorcyclists have patches that say LOUD PIPES SAVE LIVES. Ponder for a moment that maybe they have a point. So many laws are passed using the verbage “If it helps save just one life, then it is worth it”. Using that, I could argue that loud exhaust pipes should be mandatory on motorcycles.

    As for your helmet argument…..NHTSA estimates that motorcycle helmets reduce the likelihood of a fatality by 29% in a crash. 29% is not a huge number. I’d rather have my freedom to choose whether or not I want to wear a helmet. My freedom is more important than my safety. If I didn’t believe that then I wouldn’t have served my country. Yes, witnessing a fatal accident is very traumatic……no matter what the vehicle. That is what they make counselors and therapists for. Bad things happen all the time. In case you are wondering though, yes I do wear my helmet religiously. However, I am strongly against mandatory helmet laws. Unlike seatbelts which can reduce fatalities by 50%, helmet laws do not have the same effect because of the type of vehicle you are driving.

    Lastly, I’d like to say that I am sorry that loud motorcycles annoy you that much. I’m just glad that I live in a country that still allows them.

    Maybe New Hampshire has it right with their moto “Live Free or Die”. (I’m from PA – never been to NH – just admire their spirit)

  2. I see what you’re saying about the loudness… however, doesn’t that mean ALL vehicles should be equally loud if it’s meant to get attention from drivers? Drivers should just be alert enough on their own of course… and “Mrs. Soccer Mom” isn’t the only one to be distracted behind the wheel… correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t car insurance companies charge more to insure MEN than WOMEN? So maybe it’s Mr. Soccer Dad we should watch out for 🙂
    But whatever… thank you for having your say with some logic and without ignorance, which is more than I can say for a few commenters I’ve had…
    And I’m sure you weren’t the motorcyclist who drove by the park the other day during my daughter’s girl scout ceremony interrupting the entire thing… and that happened AFTER my post!

  3. OMG! Your little darlings movie audio is drowned out? WHAT A TRAGEDY! I’m yelling in case one of those monsters is driving by.
    We do have one thing in common though and that is the fact that we both “can’t stand” something. You, it’s loud bikes. Me, it’s any parent who must have video players in their motorized cocoons so their little darlings can be kept comatose at all times. God forbid there should be interaction with their parents or the world in general.

  4. Crypto — You probably shouldn’t be interacting to intensly with your kids while DRIVING. You may fail to hear one of the loud motorcycles and hurt someone!

  5. Crypto,
    I see you are unable to read carefully, so let me type it again:

    we’re in our own car, and the noise of a motorcycle drowns out OUR CONVERSATIONS, the kids’ movie, or even wakes the kids up.

    Note, if you are able to, that I listed our conversations BEFORE I mentioned the movie player, and that was just an example anyway. Of course I interact with my kids in the car on a daily basis, and on walks, etc… as was all stated in my post. I’m sorry you have such a problem with kids watching dvd players in the car. Maybe you’re just jealous they haven’t invented dvd players for motorcycles 🙂

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