Sad Week in Entertainment News


The latest news I heard was that Harvey Korman died. One of the best comedy actors in his day, he starred on the “Carol Burnett Show” for years, and was in many of my favorite Mel Brooks Comedies.

Dick Martin from Laugh-In died on the 24th of May.

And finally on my list was the man who made America whistle. Earl Hagen the composer of the Andy Griffith Show theme, died this week.

So for all of these and other entertainers that recently died, have a laugh or just give a little whistle.

1 thought on “Sad Week in Entertainment News”

  1. I heard about the last one. Made me start whistlin’ the theme, too. Yes, as the age of televised entertainment is in its 7th decade, entertainers are bound to leave this Earth in numbers, shedding their mortality.

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