Missing Out!


I have signed up as a fan on Zahi Hawass’ website. For anyone who doesn’t know, Zahi Hawass is currently the Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities over in Egypt and is still active at dig sites in so many places around Egypt. I have been watching his show on the History Channel, Chasing Mummies. It is great show and I watch it every week.

To get back to where I started. I signed up as a fan on his site. He keeps blogs, what he has found, events, what he’s writing (books) and press releases. Well, since signing up for all of that, I have received many emails about all this new stuff that he is doing. Well, yesterday, I received an email and it said that on September 25, Zahi Hawass was going to be in Los Angeles and one of the Chasing Mummies episodes was going to be shown on the big screen. Not only that, but afterwards, there is going to be a question and answer session with Zahi Hawass! Ugh, and I can’t go!

7 thoughts on “Missing Out!”

  1. I feel for you, really I do… I’ve had to wait 7 years since passing up a chance to see my celebrity hero of choice when he was last in Toledo – Jack Hanna. I’m happy to say that Hubby helped us land tickets for October! Your time will come; difficult as it may be, patience is the key.

  2. I will keep an eye out for the DVD release of said event; if they do release it, they may have the Q&A as a bonus feature.
    If we win the lottery, I will totally send you wherever so you can meet him!

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