Hmm, Slow down the roller coaster..


Consider last Thursday. It started out as a completely uneventful day. Work went well and all was right with my little world. Then the evening came and it was rush to the Fort, rush to practice, rush around for pictures. Night fell and that was the first day.

Second day was more rushing around for me. Saturday slowed down a little, and I was able to relax. More rushing on Sunday, More rushing on Monday.

Yes, the past few days seemed like one of those big roller coasters. Up the big hill at a nice slow pace, and then rush down the next hill, quickly around the corner charge up the next hill and repeat. On some large coasters there is that place in he middle where the car gets pulled up again, a slight rest, only to continue one its rush through the hills and curves. Maybe there is a tunnel or two with an unexpected turn or drop. Finally, the train comes to rest in the station.

Now back to my days. It looks as if I might be pulling into the station soon. The train seems to be slowing down a bit. And yet I wonder, is the train going to stop, or will it just continue on, one more time….

Now don’t get me wrong. I like roller coasters. Those at the various theme parks, and most of the ones I have in real life. But there comes a time, when you need to get off the coaster. Sit down, relax a bit. Get some refreshment and enjoy the things that are going on. That way the thrill of the coaster is anticipated and enjoyed. Rushing from here to there can be fun, if there is time to spend just watching the clouds roll by. I think I saw some clouds this evening.

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  1. Or stop and smell the roses. Everyone is entitled to a break once in a while. You just need to know when to get off the coaster and ride the carousel?

  2. Station, there is a station? 🙂
    I see what you mean, and I completely agree with you, but I just don’t feel like I have much ‘do nothing’ time. Maybe I should make it a priority for myself, but here I am tempted to tack on even more weekday night commitments…
    I keep telling myself I will rest and catch up when the kids are older and can take care of themselves a little more and help out a little more around the house. Maybe it’s true, and maybe it’s not, but for now, it works to tell myself that.
    Here’s to hoping you find the station you need as often as you need it.

  3. Aww…Children are never hassles (okay, sometimes they are, but they are hassles of love) ……. I remember when my children were little. I did not stop moving from the moment my feet hit the floor in the morning until in the evening after I put them to bed at night.
    For starters, I have always had to work. Even when I was expecting I worked and I only took a few weeks off to recover from child birth. It was expected.
    As the children grew, I worked…. never stopping. I worked all day, raced home, made dinner, did laundry, play time with the kids, bath time, story time, cleaning time. I just knew if I worked hard enough and did a good enough job, then I would make it to “my station”.
    One evening as I was driving home trying to decide what I would make for dinner I began to feel anger, then resentment towards all that I loved. It shames me to this day that I would feel something so ugly towards the ones I care for so deeply.
    I pondered these thoughts for a few months, then decided that a change was needed. I am now a firm believer in a few things:
    #1: i am not wonder woman.
    #2: it is okay if something is not perfect.
    #3: it is okay if I fail.
    #4: I will make time for myself without feeling guilty for doing so.
    #5: and anyone who wants to be in my life must accept all of the above as I unconditionally accept others.

    these above mentioned items listed have made for a different life than “before”. It has cause massive turmoil with in my family. Yet, my life is better in many ways because with these changes I have found peace and happiness. Don’t get me wrong, I still work hard. I still have problems. I still stress, but now I have the acceptance & control to deal with life’s roller coasters.
    I hope this helps.

  4. Little one, the driving can be a hassle, but you generally are not one…

    Play practice… Well with that slave driver we have as a director. I just don’t know what to say about that. 😉

    Hi Mare….

  5. You don’t have to say anything, because I know you’re just kidding!!! 🙂

    To some level I can relate to your post. Children do not play a role in my hectic life…at least not my children. I spend a lot of time making sure everyone else is happy. Bad habit, probably, but everyone has to have one, and if that is my fate, I’m glad that is the one that I have. Things are starting to slow down a little for me now, and I’m looking forward to some “me” time this weekend. Everyone needs it, otherwise we’d be even crazier than all of us already are…. (some to an extreme, even!) Does that make sense? It might not…I’m extremely tired and need to get to bed…..good night!!!! 🙂

  6. Susan, I am taking your rules, and using them as a mantra. I have this *tiny* problem with telling people “no,” and I never have time for myself. I am getting better at having time to do what I want to do.
    Talyhis, make sure you squeeze a few minutes of “me” time in there now and then, or you will find yourself stressed enough to take it out on said loved ones. I am very lucky that my husband is as laid back as he is.
    If I ever catch the elusive creature called “spare time,” I will share!

  7. Some good comments here…
    I agree with Susan; letting go of perfection is freeing, it’s just not as easy as it sounds to just let go. And I don’t mean to make it sound like I have no time for myself, I just tend to stay up too late to achieve that sometimes. Balance is the key; one must learn how to make a perfect formula for their lives – a little bit of have to, a little bit of want to, a little bit of need to – all combined in a perfect balance. Easy, right? We wish… 😉
    And as I said as a comment in a previous post – faith can help with this. The Bible tells us not to worry and to trust Him. Those realizations have helped me a lot.
    Again, a great post followed by some great comments!

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