It is too late in the year, but maybe next year


I just found a recipe for next years Summer parties. It looks like it would be quick, easy and really inexpensive. The question remains who would eat it. Hmmmm Is anyone ready for Fried Grasshoppers?

Now I am sure that most people would see the grasshopper on the plate and just pass on this wonderful new recipe. So I have found more ways to serve bugs, and there are even some that you won’t see the bug at all.

More on eating bugs.
Even more on eating bugs.
More recipes.
Are you grossed out yet?

7 thoughts on “It is too late in the year, but maybe next year”

  1. There’s my excuse for staying in IL when you have a party!

    j/k- I would attend if I could, but you can be sure I’d bring my own food- you and C can have all the bugs for yourselves. 🙂

  2. I don’t think eating dead bugs would really bother me, especially the less it looked like a bug. If I ever really thought about all the cute and fuzzy animals I eat, I’d become a vegetarian for sure. It helps that none of them appear on my plate as the actual cute and fuzzy animal. Of course, I’ve never tasted a bug, so they could also be just plain gross. But I tend to think dishes made of fishy things, amphibians, and mammal innards as the grossest of the gross!
    So wait, was that actually PORK sandwiches you brought last time, or should I be concerned?

  3. Iiiinteresting Verrry IIIINteresting… cover it in chocolate. “Slimy yet satisfying.” but wouldn’t a grasshopper be more crunch than slime?

  4. draclet, Are you sure which of my sisters sent the meal worms? I remember that you could get those at The Nature Company store, along with buckets of Zoo Doo.

  5. Bugs I actually ate….

    Chocolate covered ants and grasshoppers. I thought those would have been better with good chocolate. I did notice the bad tasting chocolate before the bug taste.

    Fried larvae/pupae (I was told it was mosquito, but I could not find a place get those online other than fish food.) Not bad, kind of a nutty taste.

    Fried/BBQ flavor meal worms. Not enough BBQ flavor for me. The bug had little or no flavor. The crunch of a cheese curl, but little or nothing else.

    Bugs swallowed while riding a bicycle or mini-bike at dusk. Who knows what they were!!!! Some were just plain nasty.

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