Lions, and Tigers, and Bears… Oh YEAH!


Well, the Bears killed the pitiful Detroit Lions 48 to 24…  But I might be more excited even that my dear friend John may get to see his Detroit Tigers get into the playoffs.  The Tigers, also playing Chicago (the White Sux), won their game propelling them into a 1-game playoff vs. the Minesota Twins this Tuesday.  Lisa and I will have to watch that and root for John’s Tigers!

But, even more exciting than the Bears and Tigers winning and even more amazing than Detroit playing both baseball and football against Chicago at the same time — BEEBER STARTED WALKING!

Now he has been holding-on-to-stuff and walking for months.  More recently he had been pushing things around the house — like mini-walkers.  But on Sunday, he started WALKING.  This means unassassisted and when he falls down, he gets back on his feet.  WOW!  Another child reaches another milestone.  Life is truely a miracle!

More good news…  Superfriend extraordinaire (and Best Man at my wedding) Derek has just let me know that he WILL be attending out haunted house outing in IL on October 23.  YEAH!  This means our other friends must join us — it can be a true TANGENTS event.

Jamy, John, Mary, etc — that means you! (Hey, WHERE has CAROL been?  Carol, if you’re reading this – WE MISS YOU!)


12 thoughts on “Lions, and Tigers, and Bears… Oh YEAH!”

  1. Stateville Prison, here we come!
    (love you too!)

    And I didn’t think about that – Detroit playing Chicago in two sports on the same day, kind of cool!

  2. And the Yankees are ALREADY in the post season! HEHEHE. But go Tigers… until next week, anyway. I’m trying on the Haunted House front… trust me.

    AND YES… even more important than sports or haunts… WAY TO GO, BEEBER! YAHOO! 😀 He’s a walkin’ yes indeed he’s a walkin’

  3. Yes. Is this all leading to a Tigers Yankees showdown!? Fun! I was glad to see your Yanks get into the post season a few days ago. 🙂 I know how fun the post season is for fans. ENJOY!

  4. YES!!! WAAAAHOOOO!!! Now we need to chant…

    Lets go John! Lets go John!
    Lets go Mary! Lets go Mary!

    (and Travis, Travis, Travis! <- we need to get this guy on Tangets)

  5. Let’s go JOHN…
    Let’s go MARY!

    (Travis is directing Wonderful Life auditions that weekend… so I guess he is a no-go.)

  6. Don’t let my own presence keep you from coming, those who haven’t yet committed! Besides, *someone* will need to keep jamiahsh in line… (j/k) 🙂

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