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Unlike previous posts of mine, this one is being written to compliment the status of gas prices these days.  Here in NW Ohio, we ‘re paying $1.99 for gas – it was actually weird looking to see a 1 up there on the price board at the gas station.

But I’m really happy about it, of course, seeing how gas prices have been cut in half from only a short time ago.  All of a sudden, it’s taking me twice as long to pump gas – but I am NOT complaining!  Also, it’s now feasible to round up to the next dollar amount when topping off your car’s gas tank.  Did you notice that when gas prices were so high, one squeeze of the gas pump cost, like 6 or 7 cents?  If I wanted $15 worth of gas and I stopped the pump at $14.96 or above, there was no way to get it so I’d be paying the $15.  One squeeze of the pump and my total was now $15.03 or above all of a sudden!  So now, even though it takes me twice as long to pump gas, I appreciate being able to choose a dollar amount to spend and be able to stick to it.  And when I was in Illinois last weekend, I asked my grandpa what he remembers the gas prices being when he owned his gas station way back when.  I don’t know what year he was talking about, but he said he remembers gas being 19¢ per gallon!

What was the reason for the sky-rocketing gas prices, and how did the problem seemingly fix itself?  Something to do with politics, I’m sure, but I don’t really care as long as they keep getting lower.  Since I spent so many posts complaining about the gas prices when they were horrible, I thought I’d try to send out a little bit of good karma by noticing and sharing my appreciation for the low gas prices we have now – cross your fingers that they’ll stay!

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  1. I saw a price that began with a 1 at a station by me, too. Of course that was after the discount for getting a wash… Still, I am happy that prices are half what they were at the peak of the prices. For now.

  2. Well, the gas prices should have been under $2.00 for quite some time now. Since we are told they base the cost of gasoline on the cost/barrel of oil, the oil has been down to around $65/barrel for some time now. Last time it was that low, the cost of gas was around $1.80. But it comes down slower than it goes up.

    Anyway US dollar has been up on foreign exchanges, demand for oil is been down. Supply is usually regulated by OPEC. So cost for Gasoline should be down. I’m still wondering why the Diesel prices are still so much more than Gasoline when it used to be the other way around.

    In the mid 1960’s Gas was around $0.25. I remember taking our 2 gallon gas can down to the corner station and filling it up for $0.50. Now you couldn’t even send your 6 year old down to fill up the gas can, much less doing it for less than a dollar.

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