Gas Gouging in NW Ohio – Alive and Well


My fellow Northwest Ohioans, this is a call to action!

Have you noticed that we are being taken advantage of?  Yesterday, the national gas price average was $3.22 / gallon for unleaded.  Yet here in NW Ohio, every station in this town had gas for $3.39 / gallon.  The price of gas in the Northern suburbs of Chicago has reached $3.27.  We (especially in our family since we have loved ones in that area who we have to watch pay through the nose for EVERYTHING) have always prided ourselves on having lower prices than they have, MUCH lower actually.  We used to have gas prices about $.25 / gallon lower than Chicagoland.  This is no longer the case!  Their gas is now $.12 cheaper than ours!  What will follow?  Will we no longer have cheaper food than they have?  Will we soon be paying $10 for a hamburger, have an average restaurant bill of $30 for lunch for two, movie theater tickets at $10 each?  Where does it end?  I can’t help but feel the gas stations have called our bluff.  We can’t boycott them, because let’s face it, we’re an island.  We get to enjoy our relatively crime and pollution free extistences because we are so far from the nearest large cities.  However, the local gas stations are starting to take advantage of this, because they know it will cost way too much for us to get out of town to get some gas somewhere else.  The average price in Toledo yesterday was $3.22 / gallon , but to get to Toledo, it would cost about $5-$10 in gas, depending on your car!  And who has time to run to Toledo for gas, anyway?  But why is it that Toledo has cheaper gas prices than we do?  Everything was always cheaper here…  at least it used to be.

I’m just worried about how they will gouge us next.  I looked into filing a complaint with the attorney general of Ohio, and their website said to contact the stores first.  So I guess it’s only fair that we first let the gas stations know that we’re terribly unhappy.  I would write to the newspaper here in town also, but they’ve never printed my letters.  Maybe I complain too much?  Actually, one letter was very nice thanking the person who turned in my lost wallet with all the money still in it, but they still didn’t print it.  Anyway, if someone else wants to write to the paper, that’d be great.  The more the merrier on this, I say, what could it hurt?  Complain to the local gas stations and ask them questions, write to the newspaper, write to the attorney general, anything and everything anyone can do will help.  Remember, driving season hasn’t even officially started yet, and when it does, the price gouging at the pump will only worsen!  Here is a link to the complaint section of the Ohio attorney general’s website – it tells you how to fill out a complaint online, and also gives phone numbers and email addresses:

Please help me – let’s do SOMETHING!

5 thoughts on “Gas Gouging in NW Ohio – Alive and Well”

  1. Not to nitpick or anything, but I believe the word you were looking for is “gouge” not “gauge”:

    As for the price that is unbelievable. When you told me before how much it was I fully expected a 20¢ or more jump here the next day. Actually, there *are* a some stations selling it for $3.45 for some reason while just down the road it was 12¢ less.

  2. hehe – thanks. I knew it didn’t look right, but I was too tired to care. Gotta get that spellcheck feature working… not that it would have helped me much in this situation, isn’t gauge a word also? Can’t think, still tired!

  3. Well, I’m not sure about gouging in NW OH. I just got back from a trip to Columbus. On Wed. I filled up at 3.29 in Montpelier. On Thurs, I filled up at 3.39 in Bryan. That was the cheapest I found gas on my entire trip. 3.45 and Higher were the prices from Toledo to Columbus. Way too much to pay in my opinion, but not gouging by the local companies. They usually charge what the price the parent companies decide to charge.

  4. I just HATE paying more than IL – it’s not right! And it’s not just a few cents either, it’s $.12 – and that’s the more expensive area. Can’t imagine what the “cheap” areas are at over there.

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