The Wedding Singer

Yep, that is me. I’ve probably done five and will be doing my sixth on March 29th. The first was for my cousin about 10 years ago. I sang at my 2 brother’s weddings (one of which is divorced) and my sister’s (who is separated (wow…. scary thought only 1 out of three is still married). Then I sang for another cousin’s ceremony. Last night, the organist and I met to go over what I am expected to sing on the 29th. Most of the songs I have done before… more or less traditional wedding songs (The Rose, Sunrise Sunset, One Hand One Heart, and Theme from Ice Castles (Through the Eyes of Love). When I saw the list, I asked the organist why we were singing so few. We will need to add at least one to the Pre-ceremony list; there were two and I have been known to have as many as five. We must be going to rush those guests into the church in a hurry. Even with the organist playing between the two songs, it would take no more than 10 minutes to get through it all.

As for the songs themselves, I have sung “The Rose” during at least 3 weddings. I have been in two different productions of Fiddler on the Roof, so “Sunrise Sunset” is familiar (but at a Catholic wedding seems strange). “One Hand One Heart” from West Side Story is about as traditional as “The Bridal March.” The Ice Castles theme is probably the most unfamiliar to me but I have been to enough weddings to have heard the piece more than once. I have always wanted to do “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” but maybe for my own. At least they are all in English.

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  1. Thought you were going to talk about the movie – have you seen it? When it came out on video, Chris and I watched it all the time – that and Romy and Michelle’s were our favorites to watch at the time. I might bring both to play reading committee – wedding singer has a musical, and romy and michelle are characters from a play called Ladies Room, but I can’t find it.
    Caught a few minutes of Idol tonight… what does Horton have to do with it? Fox movie, I guess? Nice cross promotion…

  2. yeah, I have seen both movies. Wedding Singer indeed was turned into a Broadway musical (think its run has since ended). Ladies Room could be a match for our “At the Movies” theme if you ever find it. Exactly, cross promotion for Horton Hears a Who. Last year they had Shrek 3rd (not a FOX movie) and some Simpsons Movie promotion. What better way to promote than to have it on America’s Number One show. They really need to do something to breathe life into it…. I am finding it increasingly dull.

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