Don’t Let a Hospital Kill You


What a time for me to stumble across this article on CNN – Don’t Let a Hospital Kill You

I visit the doctor’s office monthly, and it’s time for me to start visiting every 2 weeks already!  Also, I will be a resident of a hospital in about 2 ½ months!  As I’ve written before, I try really hard to put my faith into the doctors and nurses who care for me, however, my husband is a born skeptic of the medical community.  Sometimes it’s difficult to cast his doubts and concerns aside, especially when I read something like this.  Also, since I grew up in a huge metro area, even though I love our small community, I have to be honest and say the small hospital here scares me a at least a little.  I haven’t shown my husband this article yet…  maybe I’ll wait until the baby and I are home and healthy in July?

5 thoughts on “Don’t Let a Hospital Kill You”

  1. He looks at the blogs… not sure he reads them all the time… it’s not like I’m hiding it from him, just haven’t gotten around to showing him yet. It’s a tough thing to remember when in the hospital, especially if it’s emergency surgery – WAIT! Before you touch me, did you wash your hands?
    And I’ve often thought about those books and toys in the doctors office, but let’s face it, part of the “fun” of going places for kids – and of course any parent could use extra bribery when it comes to the drs office – is to see what new toys and books they have, not bring the same old ones from home… I just let the kids play and try to have faith in something called “immune systems”.

  2. It’s my uneducated opinion that all this fear of exposing kids to any sort of germ whatsoever is causing things like peanut allergies. That said, I’m sure this article has nothing to do with this at all. Time to have a look-see…

  3. I agree with you Derek… all this hand-sanitizer stuff and whatnot might be partially to blame. But I did sit at the doctor’s office today doing nothing because I was too afraid to touch the magazines! 🙂

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